Meet Tim!

Tim Herbig, Product Consultant & Coach

Tim Herbig is a passionate Product Leader, author, and speaker who’s been building digital products and teams for more than eight years.

He has worked across a broad range of industries including performance marketing, publishing, social and professional networking, as well as B2B SaaS. While he started his career as a so-called 'Mobile Product Manager', he's now convinced that there's no need for domain roles in Product Management. Instead, he truly believes in the power of developing a broad range of skills and the ability to deploy these across various contexts and industries. Tim has also worked in a variety of business models including eCommerce, B2C and B2B Freemium as well as advertising-financed.

However, the most significant paradigm shift in his work has been in the way that teams work together. While he experienced all the ups and downs of co-located teams  during the first five years of his career, he has pushed through the challenges of this transition while working in full remote setups in the past three years.

Moreover only after starting to lead a full remote team with the opportunity to reshape existing processes and people across 6 locations, has he begun to reflect on his mistakes from the past and what others could learn from it.

Whether it's the different kind of employee you now need to hire or the importance of reliant and well-connected tooling - Tim has developed a conscious mindset for what it takes to assemble and operate a successful full remote team.

While he's aware that it's not only about getting one aspect right when you work in a remote team, he believes that effective communication practices need to be mastered at the very foundation.

Too often has he seen teams fall apart merely because peers were not well-educated about the needed change in behavior for communicating across multiple locations, time zones, contexts and even cultures.

Tim is convinced that due to the changing expectations of employees and the increasing demand for experts at companies, full remote setups will become the standard. Also to not miss the boat, even successfully operating co-located companies need to adopt remote work habits today.