Meet Jim!

Jim Hughes, Founder of The Untamed Entrepreneur

His mission:

“To help people design a life and business around their purpose, passions and potential, enabling them to lead more adventurous and fulfilled lives!”

Jim Hughes ran a multimillion dollar engineering firm in Australia before realising life was too short to do something he was not passionate about. He took action, quit his job, started his own business and now lives nomadically around the world with his partner Kim.

As well as participating in extreme sports wearing fancy dress and being the centre of attention at parties, what Jim loves more than anything is using entrepreneurship to help others reach the same level of happiness and fulfillment he has!  

He is a mentor, speaker and host of epic adventure-based masterminds around the world.

Originally from the UK, Jim has lived everywhere and tried most things. From ski instructing and plumbing in Whistler, Canada; landscaping and property management in England; to truck driving and running a business in Australia.

This ‘living life on his own terms’ thing, has not always been so however.   The years of fun, adventure and enormous growth eventually came to an end a couple of years ago in Australia.

He was managing a $4 million a year engineering business only three years after cleaning toilets on mine sites.  In many people's eyes, he was doing well for himself.

Over time however, he had become a tired, demotivated and disillusioned employee.  The job that once challenged and raised him, had started to weigh him down.

Yes he had climbed the ranks and had somewhat proven himself as a manager of a small business but he was no longer passionate about what he did.  He had stopped looking forward to the next day and began to understand what others meant by the ‘Monday morning blues’.

It was time for some drastic changes in his life.

Once he realized this, he devoted himself to uncovering his passions and purpose and figuring out how he could design his life and business around them.

It took Jim 18 months and $25,000 attending seminars, workshops, online courses, offline courses, books, podcasts, lunches and Skype calls to gain the level of clarity and focus he now enjoys.

If there is one thing he learned, it’s that this journey to self discovery and awareness should not require such considerable time, money or frustration.

He asked himself the question, “if I was to do this again, what would I do differently?”

To answer this, he painstakingly examined his journey of self-discovery; picked out the most impactful tools and effective methods; and boiled them down into a simple 5 Step path.

He now walks entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world, down this path on their own journey to designing a life and business around what they love.

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