Meet Mark!

Mark Tippin, Lead Instructor at LUMA Institute

For more than 25 years, Mark has worked remotely. In the early 90’s his clients were punk bands on tour needing an album cover. By the mid 90’s, Mark was developing CBT for All Nippon Airways. Back then, mailing cassettes of bi-lingual narration along with 5.25" hard disk drives of code to Japan and back was cutting-edge collaboration.

Fast-forward. Clients still span the globe, but collaboration is real-time. Facilitate a workshop for the EU by 10AM, join a design jam in Argentina at lunch and wrap up with a coaching call to Australia.

Mark is a Lead Instructor with LUMA Institute, The Head of Content Design with MURAL.CO and the co-author of, “The Definitive Guide to Facilitating Remote Design Workshops” with Jim Kalbach. He lives near Sacramento, CA.