Steph originally comes from Canada where she received her degree in Chemical Engineering, before entering the world of management consulting. After living the “corporate dream” for around a year, she decided to leave her consulting job and 2 hour commute to redesign her life.

She spent the next two years on the Growth team at Toptal, leading client acquisition for the Design vertical. In that position, she gained an array of digital skills spanning SEO, paid media, product, analytics, and more.

In early 2018, she pivoted to join the senior leadership team where she now oversees a few dozen individuals as the Head of Publications. During the last three years of working remotely, she has been lucky enough to work across 6 continents, over 50 countries, and just about every time zone in existence.

In addition to her “day job”, she is a self-taught developer, maker, and writer. Her extended experience with remote work inspired her to launch a blog in 2019 focused on remote work, continuous improvement, and women in technology. Her blog has already seen over 100k pageviews, with articles being featured across Hacker News, The Startup, Hacker Noon, Pocket, MakerMag, and more. Additionally, her work has led her to be invited to speak across various settings including podcasts like Simple Leadership and at events like the Remote Work Summit.

Upon learning to code in early 2018, she has since built and launched 4 projects, one of which went to #1 on Product Hunt and another that won an award for Inclusion. She was also nominated for Maker of the Year and named one of the top 10 female makers of 2018.

Finally, Steph supports other women in technology through giving talks about the psychology behind inclusion, through building resources like FeMake, and through participating as a judge for the Toptal Women’s Scholarship.