McKendree’s passion for leadership started much earlier in life when she was a backpacking guide in the mountains of Colorado. As a wilderness guide McKendree learned to cultivate the ability to motivate and inspire people through physically difficult situations and to do so with only a pack on your back. From the wilderness to the concrete jungle, McKendree spent time volunteering in urban communities learning the true meaning of connection, vulnerability, and perspective taking.

With a passion for leadership and a desire to see people pursue their dreams in their work, McKendree pursued a doctoral degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology with a particular focus on leadership development and diversity, equitability, & inclusion in organizations. During her graduate work she was able to work alongside world-class mentors, coaches, researchers and consultants getting experience in coaching leaders across a variety of contexts, teaching, and small to large scale consulting projects. These projects included everything from university diversity assessments to social impact selection processes. Post graduation McKendree followed her passions to San Francisco where she was one of the founding members of LifeLabs Learnings West Coast team.

At LifeLabs McKendree worked with managers and leaders from some of the fastest growing and most innovative tech companies in the world. Through her work with these leaders she learned what it takes for organizations to scale their leadership capabilities and what excellent managers are doing in our modern work context. She also built out the foundations of LifeLab’s diversity & inclusion offerings, including their popular Unconscious Bias & Behaviors of Inclusion workshop.

Taking a leap of faith toward her dreams of working remotely from the mountains where her leadership passions began, McKendree accepted an offer to lead leadership development efforts at InVision - the world’s largest fully distributed company. In her role at InVision McKendree is focused on developing the skills of managers to lead effectively in a remote environment. She works with first time managers to senior leaders alike, through training and coaching. Additionally, she plays a key role in InVision’s diversity & inclusion initiatives by facilitating their D&I committee and pushing forward critical initiatives to make InVision the most inclusive workplace it can be.

One of the things McKendree loves most about working remotely is the ability to integrate her other passions into her lifestyle. She is an avid ultra trail runner, skier, mountain biker, and yogi. You can find her outside most days with her husband and her adorable goldendoodle named Wallace. McKendree is extremely passionate about social justice and actively finds opportunities to invest in her local community in this way. She is inspired by the many people who have lead her through out life and is forever indebted to their wisdom. At the end of the day, McKendree believes in people running wildly after their dreams and works to help leaders activate this potential in themselves and their teams.