Darcy is a Customer Advocacy Lead for the Customer Engagement team at Buffer. Her team is responsible for a number of projects and endeavors, including experiments with new plans as well as onboarding and social media strategizing with small-to-medium businesses. She also helps in training teams how to use Buffer to their benefit, managing plan renewals, creating and executing webinars and collaborating with the Buffer Product team. On top of all these, she digs into data to affect change, executes proactive outreach to prospective customers and validates new customer success processes.

As a manager with 12 years experience, Darcy can’t resist spending as much time as possible researching innovative approaches to team member growth and support through books, podcasts and Masterminds. This includes creating and experimenting with new team member growth strategies, adjusting 1-on-1 formats, exploring the right balance between accountability and micro-managing and leaning into 360° feedback loops.

Darcy has shared her social media, customer support and management experience via blog posts, conference talks and webinars over the past several years, including at Buffer, Road Warrior Creative, CloudApp, Remote-How, re:wise and Elevate CX.

Previously, Darcy practiced her leadership and innovation in a number of ways. Before resigning her commission in 2012, she was a Combat Engineer Captain in the United States Marine Corps, where she led a team on the 1st Marine Logistics Group’s General’s staff in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. While deployed, she performed as a project manager of construction projects in the 1st MLG’s area of operations.

After her time in the Marine Corps, Darcy opened and grew a fitness business to support and train moms in their health and fitness journeys. After opening five locations and hiring a number of instructors, she sold her business (at a profit!), and continued to train individuals to run their first half marathons, to adjust to a clean eating lifestyle and to exercise by using high-intensity interval training.

Darcy is currently on the founding board of the language immersion charter school, AXIS International Academy, using her experience as a former founding board member and co-founder of a non-profit for female entrepreneurs. Additionally, she is the social media manager for AXIS.

When she’s not Buffer-ing or chatting with Buffer customers or team members, you can find Darcy indulging in movies with her kids, involved in anything fitness-like, or taking the occasional karaoke break.