Chase Warrington is the Head of Business Development at Doist, a fully-distributed software company of 65+ employees spread across 25+ countries, and the creators of Todoist & Twist. Chase has worked remotely his entire 10-year career, but considers himself fortunate to now be truly location-independent. Originally from North Carolina in the US, he is currently calling Valencia, Spain, his home.

In his role, Chase is responsible for a wide variety of projects, ranging from partnerships & 3rd party agreements, to exploring revenue-generating platforms and leading customer development activities. Prior to this, he also managed Doist’s international marketing and localization team for 17 languages. 

Chase’s interest in international experiences and work-life balance are what initially drew him to remote work. He’s always valued flexibility, and the thought of being chained to a desk was never a real option. These passions, combined with a general interest in business, networking, team collaboration and startups, lead him to his role at Doist. He now hopes to channel that energy towards advancing the location independent movement - making this style of work the new normal, and not the exception to the rule. 

An explorer at heart who gets joy out of spreadsheets and ROI forecasts, he’s been referred to by colleagues as a surfer-dude in a business suit (though he doesn’t surf or wear a suit - anymore, at least!). When he’s not working, Chase can be found staying active, camping & hiking in the mountains, or exploring Europe with his wife, and their Siberian Husky.