Meet Melissa!

Melissa Smith, CEO at The PVA

In 2017, after working remotely for several years, Melissa Smith became location independent, traveling to 16 countries in 12 months while running her business. During this time she launched a virtual summit, taught her first online class and wrote her second book.

Melissa offers remote work consulting to individuals and companies alike. Drawing from her experience working in five different continents and over numerous time zones, Melissa understands the challenges of both running a business and serving clients from all over the world. Melissa knows first hand how and where to get the best work done and passes this knowledge to her clients.

Melissa is also the CEO of The PVA (The Personal Virtual Assistant), a firm that matches clients with the right virtual assistants.

In May 2016, she became the bestselling author of, Hire the Right Virtual Assistant: How the right VA will make your life easier, create time, and make you more money.

She then created the Admin to VA Summit, where she interviewed leading industry experts in a variety of fields to guide those in the field of administrative assistance transition into virtual assistance. Her second book, Become a Successful Virtual Assistant: Learn the Business Side & Ditch 9 to 5 was released in January 2018 and quickly became a bestseller. Additionally, she teaches an online class based on her second book to those who wish to become successful VAs.

Melissa has been featured in Business Management Daily, CareerBuilder, Spark Hire, The Muse, Thinkific, & Woman’s World