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Why do I need a certificate?

The certificate offered by Remote-how is recognized by many employers looking to hire remotely. Thanks to the certificate your chances of securing a good remote position will be improved.

How do I get the certificate?

In order to get the certificate from the Academy, you must secure a passing grade of 70% in the final exam. Every assessment and question inside the Academy is available for you to check yourself. It does not influence the final exam result. If you pass the exam, you will get certified.

What does the certification exam entail?

The certification exam consists of 100 questions related to the Academy syllabus. There are both single and multiple-choice questions. To pass you will need to score at least 70% and have only one attempt to do so. The exam takes 2 hours altogether. The exam becomes available after 4 weeks of Academy, as we estimate that you need to spend at least one week per module. Access to the Academy is open for 12 months for those who wish to take longer in their studies.

How long is the certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for 3 years.

Why isn’t the certificate valid for an indefinite period?

We consider technology, software and science to be constantly evolving and changing. To be sure that a Certified Remote Individual is always up to date, we have decided therefore to put a time frame on the certification. Be aware, the Academy content is also not static and will be changed, developed and adapted to whatever the world’s current needs.

How can I prolong my certificate?

Two options are available. You may either complete the Academy modules again and take the exam, or simply sit the exam without going through the educational materials again. To get certified for the very first time, you must complete all work within the Academy.

How many hours will it take for me to finish the Academy?

We estimate that a student needs to spend at least 25 hours to get through all the materials provided. Please be aware that you will not have access to all lessons right after enrollment. We have decided to activate all modules separately so that a student has time to focus on each individual module.

How long will I have access to the Academy for?

When enrolling in the Academy, you will gain access to the materials for a period of 12 months. Within this time frame, you must complete all modules and pass the exam if you wish to get certified. If you need more time for some reason then please do let us know in writing at

When will the Certificate be supplied?

You will receive the Certificate via email by the end of the month in which you passed the exam.

Do I have to complete the lessons/modules in the given order or can I pick and choose them as I like?

Not all modules will be available to you as soon as you enroll within the Academy. At first, you will be able to complete only the lessons within the first module. After 7 days you will then gain access to the next module, continuing all the way up to module 4.Once a module is open, you will have access to all its lessons which can be completed in any order you wish. It’s important you don’t skip any lessons if you wish to get certified. Questions in the exam will refer to all lessons in the Academy.

Do the questions/assessments inside the lessons count towards my final grade?

No. Questions, assessments and other materials inside the lessons are there for you to check your current progress. To get certified you need to only pass the exam.

Can I go through the videos multiple times, especially if I am not sure what the answer is for the related question?

You can watch each video as many times as you like or need to. You can, however, answer each question only once! After answering you will then see the correct answer and your result.

Will I be able to reattempt the “Check yourself” questions? Will they influence my exam result somehow?

You are only allowed one attempt at each question. After answering you will see the correct answer and your result. The question will not be available again after answering.

This questions will not influence your final exam result. To get certified you only need to pass the final exam.

I logged in and I am a bit confused. How do I navigate the Academy program?

Don’t worry! Here’s a “how to”.